Ease the Traffic... 'Park-and-Ride'

Friday, April 7, 2017 3:38 PM- George's, Grenada

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, April 7, 2017 – GIS: With a sold-out track and field event carded for Saturday, April 8, it is expected that the Capital will be abuzz when it comes to vehicular traffic.

In order to curb possible congestion, ACP Jesmon Prince of the Royal Grenada Police Force, is suggesting two alternatives – ‘Park-and-Ride’ and ‘Carpooling’.

“We were fortunate to get the Bruce Street Mall management to agree to do a ‘park-and-ride’ system.

They have a huge parking lot in the back of the mall where you can park your vehicle and take a shuttle from there that would take you to and from the stadium,” Prince explained.

The ‘park-and-ride’ charge for drivers is EC$13, and covers parking and shuttle service. Accompanying passengers pay EC$ 5, to go to and from the stadium with the shuttle.

Drivers are also encouraged to ‘carpool’.

“Five people coming from the same village or the same area, instead of five of you coming with five cars, you can decide to come with one car.

You leave your car home and you take one car to come. If you can do that, you can still get the ‘park-and-ride’ and you’ll be OK,” Prince said.

He also strongly advised drivers to take note of ‘no parking’ areas, including the whole of Melville Street, River Road (from the hump-backed bridge to the crematorium) and the green bridge area up to Cherry Hill.

“The entire area in front of the Athletic Stadium will be parking for VIPs, VVIPs, sponsors and the athletes, so, basically, there is no space there for the regular patrons.

The rest of the area around the stadium is no parking; the ring road will be our emergency route. In the case of any emergency we want to be able to access, and to move quickly through these areas.”

However, Prince said limited parking space will be available at Gate 6 of the Cricket Stadium, but persons would only be able access it if they come early.

He said  the operating hours at the St. George’s Bus Terminus will be extended until midnight on Saturday to accommodate commuters.

“So, there should not be any problem to get home after the game, making use of the buses at the terminus,” ACP Prince said.




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