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Office of Public Procurement

Department Overview


Mission Statement
To continuously maintain a procurement sysytem that obtains the greatest benefits possible for the citizens of Grenada.

Vision Statement
To have the most trusted and efficient public procurement system within the Latin American and Caribbean region.

In executing our mission we are committed to performing all our tasks and activities through the following principles:

  • Transparency - making all relevant information accessible to the public
  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Accountability

Code of Ethics

All procuring entities and suppliers are required to execute a proper code of ethics during the procurement process. Detailed information on the Code of Ethics in procurement will be uploaded within the coming months.


About Us


  • The Government of Grenada has introduced a Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Act and Regulations to formally legislate the procedures and processes in government purchases of goods, works and services by all public entities including Ministries and Departments, Statutory bodies, Boards and Commissions.
  • The Act further provides for the relevant institutions, responsible for the proper governance of the procurement system and these institutions prescribe the procedures for its efficient operation, they are The Public Procurement Board, the Review Commission, and the Office of Public Procurement.
  • The Government of Grenada is committed to applying the provisions of the new procurement legislation in a fair and transparent manner that would result in increased economic benefits to all citizens. At the same time, the government expects all stakeholders to comply with the provisions of the Procurement Act to the fullest extent.
    • Providing administrative and secretarial support to the Board. Following are the responsibilities of the department
    • Establish and maintain an archival system of all public procurements and public property disposals.
    • Establish and/or maintain a single internet portal as a source of information on public procurement and disposal of public property.
    • Maintain and publish a list of debarred persons/firms.