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Agricultural Vehicle Concession

Registered farmers can avail duty free concessions on vehicles for agricultural purposes

Service Information

The Government of Grenada, in its aim to further the agribusiness in the tri-island state,  grants concession to vehicles required for their agricultural practice. The concessions granted are 

  • 100% on 4X4 New Pick-ups and small trucks
  • Enclosed new vans (Similar to sales vans) for livestock and poultry farmers and flowers growers.
  • 75% on used vehicles (as stated above) under five (5) years
  1. The farmer must be registered
  2. That the farmer must earn a gross income of at least $20,000 per annum from his/her farm.  This to be supported by statements from commodity Boards, hotels, supermarkets, vendors,  etc to which produce were sold.
  3. That the farmer must own the lands or have a lease/rent agreement for a period of at least five (5) years.
  4. The farmer must submit a bill head or an invoice from the firm/company/agent  from which the vehicle would be purchased.
  5. In the case of persons wishing to invest in agriculture on a large scale a copy of a project proposal and evidence of funding to implement the said project must be provided to support the application for the concession.
  6. Farmer must be willing to appear before the committee for an interview to clarify information on the application. 
Process Steps
  1. Register yourself online and obtain valid access credentials to the E-Services Portal
  2. Login and Complete the Vehicle Import Duty Concession Form
  3. Review all details and submit the form.
  4. Login frequently to check status of issuance of Permit

NOTE: The internal process encompasses the following

  • The area Extension Officer shall visit the farm and verify the supplied information and further complete the relevant section on the application form.
  • The Extension Officer’s report shall be verified by the District Supervisor and will complete their relevant section.
  • The completed form together with all supporting documents to be submitted to the office of the Chief Extension Officer who will ensure that it is correctly completed before submission to the Concession Committee for  consideration.

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