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Agro-Processor Registration Number

Register your Agro-Processor Business to avail additional services from the Government of Grenada.

Service Information

Agro-processors who procure and process farm produce enhance the value of Grenadian products in the market and contribute to employment and the GDP. Agro-processing units are required to register and obtain a Registration Number to enable sale of products in Grenada and in overseas markets. Subsequent to registration, training provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Produce Lab can be accessed, to further enhance value, productivity and profits. Farmers can access a range of agricultural services from the government of Grenada that enhance productivity, and add value to their produce.

Process Steps
  1. Register yourself as a business and obtain access credentials to the E-Services portal.
  2. Complete the Agro-processor Registration form. Provide as much information as possible to access specialized training programs, and additional business and exports related services of the Government of Grenada.
  3. Review the details. Submit online.
  4. Visit often and check status.
  5. Once completed, a valid registration number shall be provided to you.
Payment Details

There are no payments required to avail this service.


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