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Application for Assessment of Credentials

Professionals may apply and obtain an Assessment of Credentials from the Grenada National Accreditation Board

Service Information

Professionals requiring Assessment of their credentials may apply to the Grenada National Accreditation Board and obtain a certificate of approval or assessment. Common needs include-

  1. Recognition Statement for CARICOM Skills Certificate
  2. Equivalency of Credentials
  3. Recognition of University/Credentials (Local/Foreign) and others.


Process Steps
  1. Firstly, register yourself as a citizen or visitor and obtain a valid login credentials to apply for this service.
  2. Download the Application for Assessment of Credentials Form
  3. Complete the details requested in the form. Sign at the bottom.
  4. Upload the form with additional details that include
    1. Certified photocopy of the qualification (degree, diploma, certificate, etc.) in its original language
    2. An official translation of the qualification into English (if applicable)
    3. Certified photocopy of transcript/mark sheets/list of subjects passed in original language
    4. An official translation of transcript/ mark sheets/list of subjects passed
    5. Documentation in support of name change (if applicable), e.g. marriage certificate or deed poll
    6. Documentation regarding your undergraduate qualification (if applicable)
  5. Upload the required forms & documents. Click Upload. You will be taken to the Payments Page.
  6. Based on your need for a Basic Assessment, or a 5 Day or 2 Day assessment, please ake the payment that is applicable. Click Submit.
  7. Revisit the site to check status of your application. 

Grenada National Accreditation Board
Kirani James National Stadium
Queens Park, St. George's
Tel: +1 (473) 440-2737 (Ext 63300)