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Birth Certificate

The Birth Certificate service provides for an authentic proof of birth certificate in the tri-island nation of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Service Information

A Grenadian Citizen can fill the application form and request the issuance of a valid Birth Certificate. The Birth Registry validates citizenship, prior to registration of birth, and the existence of a valid birth record and then proceeds to issue the Birth Certificate.

A valid Birth Certificate requires that the Government Seal be placed on the Certificate. This is done only at the Birth Registry, Ministerial Complex, Botanical Gardens, St. George and may require you to pick it up at the registry or request delivery at any of the district revenue offices. When a simple Birth Certificate (without the government seal) works, you can use the digital copy provided at the end of this service cycle.

  1. The ‘Notification of Delivery’ Form should have been filed and Birth Registration should have occurred with the Registrar Generals Office, Ministry of Health, Government of Grenada in order to issue a Birth Certificate. In the instance such a registration has not taken place, kindly apply to Register the Birth with the Ministry of Health, Registrar Generals Office at the Government Complex.
  2. Credentials showing Citizenship, in the form of a Passport, Driver’s License, School Leaving Certificate or any other certificate of record
  3. Details of the Birth such as a Registration Number, Hospital / Parish of Birth, Mother / Parental Details, Date of Birth, and others. 
Process Steps
  1. Register yourself to gain access to the e-services portal
  2. Fill the Birth Certificate Request Form 
  3. Upload payment receipt. Submit.
  4. Visit the registry office at the time given by the officer, to collect a copy of the certificate with the seal. The office shall also provide a digital copy of the certificate for your use.
  5. Check the certificate for correctness of details.
  6. In case of urgency, visit the nearest district office OR the Birth, Marriage and Deaths Registry at the Ministerial Complex.
Payment Details

A fee of EC$7 is charged for this service (EC$5 for the Stamp, and EC$2 for the Receipt)


Ministry of Health, Social Security & International Business

Ministerial Complex
Southern Wing 1st & 2nd Floor
Sir Eric Matthew Gairy Botanical Gardens
Tanteen, St. George’s
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