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Business Name Registration Number

Register your business to avail government services and benefits

Service Information

Businesses, traders, shop owners, vendors, service providers and others who  sell their products or produce in society, need to register and obtain a Business Registration Number to ensure they are recognized as a legal entity and can access the rights and benefits extended to them.



Process Steps
  1. Register yourself online and obtain valid access credentials for the e-services portal
  2. Download the Business Registration Statement of Particulars form and the Sample Letter to be addressed to the Registrar. The letter shall be written/ typed in the company letter head, signed and sealed with the company stamp
  3. Complete the details and upload
    1.  In the case of a Partnership, it is sufficient that all Partners sign the Statement of Particulars.
    2. In the event that a partner has not signed the Statement of Particulars form, it is essential that that partner submit a Statutory Declaration indicating the same.
  4. Make the required payment of EC$25.00
  5. The Officer shall conduct a name search to ensure that a same or similar name is not already registered. They shall inform you of the status.
  6. Once all details requested in the Statement of Particulars are complete, the officer shall issue a Certificate of Business Registration, that contains the details of the registration as well as the unique Registration ID that is used for subsequent transactions
  7. The Business Registration process is now complete.

Note: You are required to register your business and obtain a Taxation Number within 30 days of Business Name Registration, failing which the business would be deemed to be in violation, and is subject to a fine of EC $2500.00

Payment Details

Business Name Registration: EC $25.00


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