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Canada Seasonal Agricultural Workers’ Programme

Grenadian farmers can obtain work permit to participate in the Canada Seasonal Agricultural Workers Programme.

Service Information

Experienced Grenadian farmers can gain access to employment in Canada as part of a Seasonal Agricultural Workers Programme. Detailed information about your skillset, educational qualification and skill set shall help ensure that you have a fair chance in qualifying for this programme.


  • The Ministry of Labour(MOL) reserves the right to seek clarification on information provided in this application.
  • Failure to complete this form accurately and fully may result in the MOL not being able to process your application or lead to delays in your selection.
  • Not all submission of application for any programme guarantees acceptance.
  • All enquiries regarding the status of an application should be directed to the Secretary, Administration Division of the Ministry
  • Applicants will be selected for an interview and successful applicants will be contacted by the MOL

Applicants will be required to submit a police record to the MOL, undergo a full medical test and complete the application Form for the Canadian Visa. These costs will be borne by the applicant.

  • Experience in farming is an asset
Process Steps


  1. Register yourself as a citizen and obtain access credentials to the E-Services section of the portal.
  2. Login and access the CANADA SEASONAL AGRICULTURAL WORKERS’ PROGRAMME Application Form
  3. Fill all sections in totality. Incomplete forms stand to be disqualified from the application process
  4. You need to provide 3 external references (not family members) who can talk about your skills, experience and personality.
  5. Upload any additional details that shall support your application.
  6. Review and submit the entire application package. You will be asked to accept the following undertakings. Check Okay if you agree and will comply by them:
    1. I declare that the information provided in this application are true to the best of my knowledge and that failure to provide true and accurate information could result in the disqualification of my application
    2. Should I be selected to participate in this Programme, I agree to: i. fully participate in the programme, until its completion; ii. bear the relevant cost of travelling, where applicable; iii. represent Grenada well overseas.
  7. Revisit often to check the status of the application.

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