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Concessions facilitate citizens and authorized institutions to avail government funds and waivers towards financial spends in specified or pre-approved activities.

Service Information

As a special gesture towards enabling socially relevant services for the citizens, the Government of Grenada, provides Concessions towards many citizen activities. The following are an indicative list of services. If you feel that your cause is worthy of being funded or subsidized, fill the form provided and submit it to the concerned ministry.

  • Inland Revenue: Concessions for vehicles & household effects for Returning Nationals are provided  through Customs and, Inland Revenue. Requests are coordinated either through the mission or consulate in the local country, or the concessions department.
  • Institutional Rebates: towards purchases made by churches, schools, and other such institutions.
  • Project Rebates: contract-based rebates towards taxes, that are associated to project related purchases, such as transportation and heavy equipment, processing plants, consumables and others.
  • Carnival Rebates: for equipment and gadgets imported during the Carnival.
  • Farmer / Fisherman / Teacher rebates
  • Ministry of Health: towards medication, instruments, and other related items
  • Educational Institutions & University: towards faculty vehicles and others
  • Special Cases: e.g Specialized equipment for the disabled.
  • Others

Once the form is submitted to the concerned ministry, it is processed and approved by the Permanent Secretary, following which it is processed through the ministry's finance officer for payment. All payments are subsequently made by the Ministry of Finance from where they can be collected.

  1. Kindly ensure that your need for concession falls within the broad range of pre-approved services in order to ensure higher probability of a rapid response.
  2. Even if your need does not fall within the pre-approved list, but you feel your cause is worthy, contact the concerned department and fill a form to obtain necessary concessions.
Process Steps
  1. Register yourself online to avail valid access credentials to the e-services portal.
  2. Select the name of the Ministry & Department
  3. Fill the Concessions Form. Upload the bills, proof of purchase, vouchers or any other evidences as deemed essential to obtain the concession or reimbursement.
  4. Review and submit.
  5. Alternately, handover the filled form to the Head of the Department in the concerned Ministry for subsequent processing.
  6. Track the status of your request whenever you log into the portal
  7. Once approved, kindly visit the Treasury Department at the Ministry of Finance Office, in St. Georges
Payment Details

There are no fees towards availing this service  


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