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Contractor Registration Number

Register yourself as a contractor to access government opportunities for construction and maintenance.

Service Information
  1. Demonstrated proof of ability to do quality and large-scale work
  2. ISO certification is recommended but not mandatory 
Process Steps
  1. Register yourself as a business to gain access to the E-Services portal
  2. Login and access the Contractor Registration Form.
  3. Complete all data requested in the form and upload.
  4. Upload digital copies the various documents requested in the form including
    1. Company Registration
    2.  Police Certificate
    3. Photos of Directors, Owners and key staff (frontal shot without glasses, showing ears and clear hairline)
    4. Any other documents or contracts that can enhance your profile
  5. Review and submit the entire package
  6. Revisit and check status.

Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Public Utilities, Energy, Transport & Implementation

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Ministerial Complex
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