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Cooperative Registration Number

Register your cooperative to access government facilities, services, training and promotions in the Caribbean and worldwide.

Service Information

Cooperatives bring communities together with a unique perspective to meet a need of society. By bringing in diverse perspectives, knowledge and skills, and a  combined sense of purpose and direction, cooperatives are agents of social change.

Register your Cooperative and obtain a unique number that gives you access to a host of government facilities and services in Grenada, the Caribbean and the world.


Checklist of conditions for registration and continuance of non-financial co-operatives societies

(Reference: PART II Section 15 of the Co-operatives Societies Act No. 8 of 2011)

  • Active members not less than 10 persons
  • Market Viability: adequate demand for proposed service
  • Adequate Capital Base for providing desired/competitive services
  • Good potential for future membership growth
  • Pricing policies and adequate structure 
  • Viability Assessment Favourable
  • Membership aware of and in conformity with the Co-operative principles
  • "Co-operative" and where applicable, forms part of the name or proposed name, where society is seeking registration with limited liability
  • Proposed name: identical to or nearly resembles the name of another society
  • A fixed address physically in place and identified, where notices and communications can be sent
  • By-Laws in compliance with the Act
  • Registered name inscribed on a conspicuous sign outside the registered office place of business, including date of registration
  • Monthly Financial Statements prepared and submitted to the Division of Co-operatives in accordance with Section 147 of the Co-operative Societies Act No. 8 of 2011.
  • Financial Audit for the year ended December 31, ………… completed and approved and subsequent Annual General Meeting completed by March 31st the following year.
  • Willingness to develop and adopt a Board and Management Policy Manual in the following areas:
    • Mission Statements    
    • Member Services    
    • Budgeting        
    • Investments        
    • Membership Register
    • Personnel
    • Mobilization of common shares
    • Asset/Liability Management
    • Cash handling
Process Steps
  1. Register yourself as a business and obtain access credentials to the E-Services Portal
  2. Download the Cooperatives Registration Form.
  3. Complete all the details requested including details of key members, products, affiliations, financials, and others.
  4. Additionally, upload the Forms & Documents requested
  5. Revisit periodically and check the status of the registration

Ministry of Trade, Industry, Co-Operatives & CARICOM Affairs

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