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Corporation Registration Number

Register your company, non-profit, or non-governmental organization (NGO) and avail government services and benefits

Service Information

Companies and organizations incorporated in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique shall submit their details, including Article of Incorporation, and others and obtain a valid Company Registration Number. This number is essential to conduct business, trade across borders, and otherwise enable trust and built a solid identity in Grenada and the Caribbean.



Process Steps
  1. Register yourself online and obtain access credentials for the eservices portal
  2. Download and complete the following
    1. Request for Name Search and Name Reservation Form: providing first and alternative choice in company name to be reserved for incorporation
    2. Articles of Incorporation: including number of directors, limits on shares and additional details. A separate sample template, required from for profit, and non-profit companies are provided.
    3. Notice of Address of Registered Office
    4. Notice of Directors
  3. Process for Local Company
    1. First complete and file the Name Search and Reservation Form, paying EC $10. The Executive Officer shall conduct a search to ensure that no other Grenadian company has the same or similar name. Once the best name requested is found through search, the Executive Officer shall save the name (valid for 90 days), after approval from the Registrar or the Deputy Registrar of Companies.  
    2. Once reserved, the Article of Incorporation is processed, along with the Notice of Directors, and Notice of Registered Office. A fee of EC $ 1200.00 is collected for a profit, and EC $100.00 for a non-profit company (NOTE: Non-profits require prior approval from the Attorney Generals Office, and the same shall be required to be filed with the Article of Incorporation
    3. The Registrar of Companies shall issue a Company Number, and a Certificate of Incorporation.
  4. Process for External Companies
    1. Name search and reservation is not required
    2. Documents required include
      • Signed Copy of the Statement of Particulars
      • Statutory declaration by a director of the company that verifies on behalf of the company the particulars set out in the statement
      • A copy of the corporate instruments of the company
      • A Statutory declaration by an Attorney-at-Law stating that the relevant sections have been complied with
      • Power of Attorney
      • A prescribed fee of EC $ 2500.00
      • A Memorandum and the Articles shall be submitted to the Registrar. These shall be registered in the Register of International Companies.
      • Following entry into the Register of International Companies, the Registrar shall issue a Certificate of Incorporation, indicating that the said company is incorporated in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique

All companies are required to file an Annual Return of companies financial performance as well as changes in structure ( directors, address and others) failing which the company is liable for legal action

Note: you are required to register your for and non-profit company, and obtain a Taxation Number within 30 days of Business Name Registration, failing which the business would be deemed to be in violation, and is subject to a fine of EC $2500.00

Payment Details
  • Local Company Registration: EC $ 1200.00
  • Local NGO / Non-Profit: EC $100.00
  • External Corporation: EC $2500.00
  • Filing of Annual Returns: Local Company EC $ 25.00; External Company EC $100.00
  • Fee for Statement of Change EC$ 25.00
  • Filing Article of Continuance: Company EC$ 100.00, Non-Profit EC $ 20.00

Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office

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