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Grenada captivates its visitors with the finest ecotourism experience.  Visitors soak up Grenada’s world-famous white sand and black sand beaches, coastal mangroves, coral reefs and an active underwater volcano as well as its towering peaks and rich tropical forests – with abundant biodiversity – that span the core of the island.

Grand Etang Lake

Grand Etang Lake is a crater lake in an extinct volcano located within the Grand Etang National Park and Forest Reserve. 

The Forest Reserve, known for its hiking and trekking trails are one of the most popular destinations in Grenada.  These trails range from a leisurely 15-minute stroll to a strenuous 6-hour trek.  The National Park is home to varied wildlife such as tropical birds, frogs, lizards, and rare orchids and many wonderous waterfalls, hot springs and plantations. 

In recent years, the Government of Grenada established a number of national parks and protected areas, preventing the destruction of forests and the island's exotic animal life.


Levera National Park

Levera National Park, found in the northern tip of Grenada, covers 450 acres of lush forest, water bodies, beaches and mangroves. Levera National Park’s scenic beauty, white sand beach and amazing snorkeling opportunities near the seagrass beds and rocky reefs, frequently draw natives and tourists alike.

Levera National Park’s shallow lagoon is an important habitat to many wildlife, the ocean waters provide a safe haven to marine life, and the beach is a fertile breeding ground for the rare and endangered leatherback turtle.

Coral Reefs

Grenada has many well-known coral reef sites spread across the South Coast and West coast of the island. Visitors can easily access them by boat and by diving. Diving excursions offer visitors an astounding view of the island’s diverse marine life as well as the world’s first underwater park. Grenada’s underwater park exhibits sculptures that explore themes of local folklore, history, and culture.

La Sagesse

La Sagesse is a mangrove estuary that stretches along the south-western coast and includes three excellent beaches edged with palm trees, a beautiful and expansive coral reef for snorkeling, and a pristine spread of dry thorn scrub and cactus woodland.

La Sagesse is known as one of the best bird-watching locales on Grenada as it has a salt pond that attracts species like a brown crested flycatcher, Caribbean coot, green-backed heron, little blue heron, and the northern jacuna.

Concord Falls

For challenge-seekers, Concord Falls offers an hour-long hike over hilltops and streams, which leads to the Triple Cascades. The lowest cascade is known for swimming and camping and the second cascade, a mere twenty-minute hike from the first has a stunning waterfall surrounded by rich and lush green vegetation. To reach the third cascade, challenge-seekers will need to complete a very difficult 2-hour trek as it is much higher in altitude and full of thick tropical vegetation.

Boat Adventures

Take charge of your guided water excursions by piloting your own inflatable motorboat or discover Pure Grenada on a custom-built powerboat. You can cruise along the picturesque coast, stop off at our amazing snorkeling and dive sites or satisfy your need for speed riding the rippling waves; an overall exhilarating experience.

Chocolate Factories

Pure Grenada is now the ‘Chocolate Island’ of the world. The Grenada Chocolate Company, Diamond Chocolate Factory, Belmont Estate, and Crayfish Bay Estate all produce exquisite organic chocolate and showcase our deep cocoa farming roots. Also, be sure to visit House of Chocolate, a quaint museum exploding with vibrant colours, captivating scents and of course…delicious chocolate.

Culinary Tours

Engage your senses as our culinary tours take you on a journey of discovery of Grenada’s spice-infused lifestyle. Enjoy the best food Grenada has to offer while experiencing our magnificent vistas, pure and authentic experiences and warm and friendly people.


Enjoy Grenada’s beautiful vistas from the seat of a bicycle as you explore the different parts of the island. Cycling tours are a great way to see Grenada and get some exercise at the same time.


 Adventures who love the water can also flyboard on our world-famous Grand Anse Beach. Spend half an hour ‘flying’ up to 30 feet over the sea and witness spectacular views of Grand Anse and our picturesque St. George’s Harbour.


Meander through the rainforests to one of Grenada’s many waterfalls and absorb the local flora and fauna, or challenge yourself by hiking up Mt. Qua Qua to Fedon’s Camp, the base of operations for Grenada’s famous Julien Fedon, who led a rebellion against British rule in 1795. Our irresistible rain forest is also home to the Grenada High wire zip wire obstacle course. The view of our beautiful ‘Seven Sisters’ Waterfall is an added bonus.


Dune buggies provide entertainment for the thrill-seekersas they are able to truly enjoy the island’s beauty in a fun, comfortable and easy to drive buggies, ‘off-roading’ into parts of the island not typically seen when using other modes of transportation.

Paddle Boarding/Kayaking

Grenada’s calm waters make these easy-going water sports a true joy to experience. Choose your own board /kayak to enjoy our beautiful Grand Anse coastline or explore our inlets, coves, and mangroves.

River Tubing & Jeep Tours

Adventurous visitors can experience a “thrill of a lifetime” tubing through the rapids of Balthazar River, spinning and swirling in a modified river tube. View the exotic scenery of the tropical vegetation on your way down. You can also jump on a safari jeep to tour the island’s famous spots such as the rainforest and sulfur spring.


Our shallow, crystal clear and safe waters allow for magical marine excursions within swimming distance of our shores, which boast beautiful coral reefs and other interesting marine ecosystems.