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Famous Beaches

Famous Beaches

If you like to spend your time soaking up the sun, swimming in the cool seawater or snorkeling, there’s a lot to choose from in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Grand Anse Beach, boasting a two-mile stretch of white sand and calm sea is a popular choice amongst tourist and locals.. If you’re looking for a bit of seclusion to get away from it all, La Sagesse, Bathway and Levera Beach are the best hideaways with journeys that allow you to explore the countryside.


Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Grenada. It is located in the southwest of St. George’s Parish and is famous for activities like Snorkelling, Kayaking, SUP, Sailing, Swimming etc. At over 3 km long and lined with almond trees, this is a hotspot for both locals and foreigners. The beach also has numerous eatery joints that serve the best local cuisine.

La Sagesse Beach

La Sagesse Beach is another jewel amongst the various Grenadian beaches and it is one of the most popular tourist attractions. The beach is located in the southeast of St. David’s Parish. With crystal clear water and golden sand, this beach is the best for relaxing. Other activities like Swimming, Kayaking and Boogie Boarding are also available for its visitors.

Magazine Beach

Magazine Beach is located in the south of St. George’s Parish. The clear turquoise water and white sand adds up to the serenity of this beach. To double the fun quotient, one can also find activities like Swimming, Snorkelling, and Dining at the beach. Magazine Beach is one of the best beaches in Grenada for Snorkelling. So if adventure is your thing then Magazine beach is definitely the place to be.

Levera Beach

For a fun family getaway, visit Levera Beach. It is located in the north and is loaded with beautiful picnic spots and breath-taking views. It’s a little secluded but it is safe and secure. Levera National Park is another attraction that is located near this beach. Visitors can go for a stroll through the mangroves, spot some local birds, and check out the Levera Pond as well. The water is clear and wavy, but swimming is prohibited. Another great attraction at Levera beach is Turtle watching. From April 1st to June 30th, Leatherback Turtles can be seen coming up on shore to lay their eggs in the sand. With the help of local guides, visitors can experience this spectacular phenomenon.

Pink Gin Beach

Luscious pink sand and pristine water make Pink Gin Beach one of the most popular beaches in Grenada. This one lies almost at the very tip of the island, behind the hill overlooking Point Salines International Airport. The picturesque view of St. George makes this beach even more perfect for a lazy and peaceful day. The beach has various water sports and restaurants for its visitors and is worth a visit.

Morne Rouge Beach (BBC Beach)

Morne Rouge Beach is best known for its high-end parties, in fact, the beach is also known as BBC beach by many locals as many well-known nightclubs are situated here. It is located just south of Grand Anse on the West coast of the island. Morne Rouge has this quintessential Caribbean beach feel to it. White sand, palm trees and calm & crystal-clear water makes it ideal for swimming and diving. For beach binge, there is a small beach shack called Le Plywood which serves some authentic Grenadian delicacies.

Bathway Beach

Bathway beach is another beach to look forward to. Located on the northeastern end of the island, it is an excellent seafood destination and visitors can enjoy delicacies such as lobster, conch salad, soup or even crepes filled with ice cream. With crystal clear water and white sand, this beach has a perfect setting that will rejuvenate your senses.

Sandy Island

On the west edge of the parish of Carriacou lies the beautiful Sandy Island. Away from the hustle and bustle of town, this Island offers a perfect setting for a chilled-out day. Soft, white sand and crystal-clear water make this island a hot favorite amongst both visitors and locals. As a secluded gem that’s only accessible by boat, it lets one enjoy the experience of being on a private island. Apart from activities like snorkeling and swimming, the other major attractions on this island are its marine life and bird watching. Make a day of it and take some food and snacks for a unique picnic, but ensure you take any litter back with you. If you plan to head over to Carriacou after your visit, you can enjoy some amazing local restaurants and other nearby attractions like the Carriacou Museum.

Paradise Beach

This beach is situated in the heart of Carriacou and does absolute justice to its name. It looks and feels like a paradise on earth. Paradise Beach has a long, narrow stretch of sand with clear turquoise waters and excellent facilities like toilets & shower spots. There are various multi-cuisine restaurants nearby, but local cuisine is the most sought after. This place is neither crowded nor secluded hence, it is perfect for a family picnic or just a fun day at the beach. This beach is also popular for spotting star fish. Tourists come from around the world to watch star fish in the shallow waters of this beach.      


With around 45 beaches, Grenada is a must-visit destination for beach lovers. So, visit Grenada and explore them all.