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Farmer Registration Number

Practicing fulltime and part-time farmers register themselves to avail concessions, input resources, participate in national level programs, and obtain benefits extended by the government from time to time.

Service Information

Farming in all forms contributes towards Grenada’s productivity. Large & medium scale farmers contribute to the national economy by meeting the high demands of tourism and the citizen. Small scale farmers drive the local markets with their produce, while backyard farmers ensure food security and high-quality nutrition for their children.

Farmer Registration is required to access government subsidies, import concessions, as well as access to fertilizers, farm supplies and other material that come by way of grants.

You can benefit by visiting the services portal often to find new opportunities and new resources that you can access.


You need to be an active practising farmer to register.

Process Steps
  1. Register yourself online.
  2. Fill out the Farmer Registration Form.
  3. Review and submit.
  4. An extension officer shall review the details and complete your registration.
  5. Visit the site to view your updated status.

Once complete, you will receive a Farmer Registration Number. This number enables you to go and access any services of the government both online and on-ground in the tri-islands of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique

Payment Details

There are no payments associated with this service.


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