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Fisher Registration Number

Register yourself as a fisherman or fisherwoman to avail additional services, technical guidance and export licenses.

Service Information

This is a mandatory registration service of the Government of Grenada to help care for its fishing community. This is a one-time registration and results in a valid fisherman/woman card being issued.

A fisher registration offers protection while fishing by offering a valid identification and easy intervention in the event of any episode. In addition, it enables the government to plan and deliver value-added services to the fishing community.


Other than being a real fisherman or woman, there are no other prerequisites to this service.

Process Steps
  1. Register yourself online.
  2. Fill a form with details of your village, ID (drivers license, passport or others), role in fisheries, details of family & dependents, next of kin (for emergency contact), education and other relevant points.
  3. Review the details and submit.
  4. A District Fisheries Officer shall review and confirm that the person applying is really in the business of fisheries. Once a confirmation is provided, you are registered, and your status shall be updated accordingly.
  5. You can collect the ID Card from the Fisheries Office in Fish Market, Melville Road, St. Georges.
Payment Details

There are no payments associated with this service.

EC$25 is charged for issuance, or re-issuance of the ID Card


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