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Grenadian Passport

This service enables a Grenadian to apply for and obtain a valid passport. Persons who had a valid passport that expired can also apply and obtain a new passport.

Service Information

Individuals who wish to obtain a Grenadian Passport shall apply for one with their birth certificate, proof and place of residence, marriage certificate and other applicable credentials.

Officers in the Royal Grenadian Police Force review the application form and credentials submitted and approve or reject a request. Rejected applicants can review the grounds for being rejected and provide evidence to overcome the deficit and obtain a passport.

  1. Birth Certificate, Certificate of Naturalization or Registration as a Citizen are required to prove nationality and initiate passport issuance
  2. Persons who have changed their name, are required to produce a deed poll or a Birth Certificate that reflects the new name.
  3. Married individuals are required to produce a Marriage Certificate or Divorce Certificate as applicable.
  4. Two copies of Passport Photo, 2X2” (inches) in size are required as per prescribed norms.
  5. Application forms for children under the age of 16, shall be signed by their parent, or guardian (Section 11 of the Form), and duly verified and counter signed by any of the following personnel (Member of Parliament, Justice of the Peace, Minister of Religion, Medical or Legal Practitioner, Established Civil Servant, Principal and other qualified Teachers, Bank Official, Police Officers from the rank of Inspector or any person of similar standing personally acquainted with the applicant – Section 12). In such an instance, the parents birth certificate or their passport shall be provided as credentials to complete the application process.
  6. Emergency Contacts are required to be submitted, in order to inform loved ones in the event of an emergency
Process Steps
  1. Register yourself online
  2. Fill the Passport Application. * Where a passport is required in an emergency, kindly fill the Emergency Passport application (see note at end of the section, for the limitation to the emergency passport). Submit
  3. Make the required payment
  4. Periodically review the status of your application online. Once approved, you can visit the Immigration Office at the Ministerial Complex, Botanical Garden, St. Georges and collect the passport. Applicants residing in Carriacou or Petite Martinique may request the passport to be delivered to the closed District Revenue Office, as applicable.

*Note: persons desiring to obtain an Emergency Passport, shall fill the Emergency Passport Application form. However, the emergency passport is valid for just one visit to a specific destination and expires over a short duration as sanctioned in the passport.

Payment Details

Fees applicable to the processes are made available in the Application Form.


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