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Healthcare Facility Certification

Obtain a permit to run a Healthcare Facility in Grenada

Service Information

The Healthcare Facility Certification service ensures a high level of standards for medical and healthcare facilities throughout the tri-island nation. The process involves an inspection for compliance for hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, diagnostic centers, mental health practices, physio care facilities and any other allied disciplines locations. Outcomes include licensing, licensing with recommendations, rejection or revoking of a license. The licenses are renewable every three years.


The Healthcare Facility needs to exist or can be a new facility that is nearing inception of services.

Process Steps
  1. Register yourself to obtain valid access credentials for the e-services portal.
  2. Download the Healthcare Facility Certification & Renewal Form.
  3. Complete the form with all requested details. 
  4. Upload the form with additional details and documents such as
    1. Business Registration
    2. Blueprint of facility, and available amenities
    3. Previous certifications
    4. Photographic & video walkthrough of the facilities to facilitate in the inspection
  5. Make the payment that is applicable to your facility and upload the proof of payment receipt
  6. Revisit the site to check status of your application, and to answer any further queries that the healthcare officers may send you.
  7. Once Inspection is complete, you will be provided with a Healthcare Facility Certificate that enables you to legally practice in the location that was under review.

Ministry of Health, Social Security & International Business

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