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Grenada Electricity Services Ltd. (GRENLEC), a private limited liability company is the sole provider of electricity for Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Voltage consists of 220 volts, single phase, 50Hz cycles and 110 volts, 3 phase 50Hz cycles.

The National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) provides clean, safe pipe borne water from a series of catchments, river and deep wells. Bottled water is also available.

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Grenada is responsible for regulating the liberalized telecommunications market in Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique.  Grenada boasts of a modern-state-of-the-art telecommunication sector with FLOW providing cable and telecommunication services, LIME controlling the fixed-line telecom market and the mobile telecom market being serviced by both LIME and Digicel.

Telecom services offered:

  • Internet
  • Data services
  • Domestic Telecom Products/Features
  • Business Systems/Features
  • Card Services
  • Roaming
  • Mobile

Grenada offers access to numerous doctors and clinics (both private and public) located throughout the islands.  There are 4 Government owned hospitals: General Hospital (St. George’s), Princess Alice Hospital (St. Andrew), Princess Royal Hospital (Carriacou) , Mt. Gay Hospital (St. George’s) and three private hospitals.  There are also many qualified and experienced private medical doctors, dentists and optometrist.

A full postal service operated by the Grenada Postal Corporation with 52 postal stations and six sub-offices including express mail service.

There are no daily newspapers.  There are however 5 news papers that are published on a weekly basis and several other news journals, all in English. There are 3 television stations and 13 radio stations.  All are privately owned and operated, with the exception of the Grenada Broadcasting Network, of which the Government owns 40 percent and the Caribbean Communications Network 60 percent.

  • The Grenada Informer - weekly
  • Bernacle - monthly
  • New Today - weekly
  • The Grenadian Voice - weekly
  • Grenada Advocate

  • GIS - operated by Government Information Services
  • GBN TV - operated by Grenada Broadcasting Network
  • MTV - private station
  • Channel 6 - Flow Grenada

Grenada’s educational system is modeled largely on the British educational system.  The majority of schools are Government-owned or assisted, and hence free education is made available for children between the ages of 5 and 16.  There are several privately owned primary schools and one privately owned secondary school.

  • There are 184 schools in Grenada, including 120 pre-primary schools, 23 secondary schools and 1 tertiary institution – T.A. Marryshow Community College;
  • A branch of the Extra Mural Department of the University of the West Indies (U.W.I.) which is located in the town of St. George’s. The St. George’s University is an offshore institution. 

Grenada’s main airport, Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA) which is managed by the Grenada Airport Authority has excellent connections with North America and Europe via direct flights and other Caribbean islands. MBIA is located just south of St. George’s and close to the island’s hotel and tourism belt. The airport is capable of handling large commercial jets for both day and night landings.

A smaller airport is located in the sister isle of Carriacou and is utilized for inter-island services.

Scheduled Passenger Airlines:

American Eagle - Daily flights from San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Air Jamaica - Three weekly flights to Grenada from New York 
British Airways - One weekly flight to Grenada from London.

Other North American Airlines:
Condor - One weekly flight 
Virgin Airways - one weekly flight from London

Interregional Airlines:

Liat Airlines - Daily flights
Saint Vincent and Grenadines - Flights to Carriacou
Cubana Airlines - Once weekly

Charter Passenger Airlines:
Trans Meridian 

Scheduled Cargo Airlines: 
Amerijet Int'l- Twice weekly
DHL – Twice per day, weekly
Merlin Air (FedEx) - Daily

Charter Cargo Airlines: 
Liat (1974) (Quik Pak)

Aircraft Refueling:

Texaco West Indies Grenada Ltd

Average airfare cost from Grenada to:

  • Trinidad: US $125
  • Barbados: US $147
  • St. Vincent: US $120

The Grenada Ports Authority (GPA) is responsible for both administration and operation of seaports located within Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique. The chief port at St. George’s is the main responsibility of the Grenada Ports Authority. The authority also has jurisdiction over Grenville, Prickly Bay and St. David’s Harbour all located on mainland Grenada and the ports of Hillsborough and Tyrell Bay on Carriacou.

Served by a number of reefer vessels, container ships and break-bulk cargo boats operating liner services, link Grenada to major US Ports, European destinations and many Caribbean islands.

The new Cruise Ship Terminal which was opened in 2005 is located on the western shoreline of the city of St. George’s and is the biggest generator of income to date. In addition, Grenada provides anchorage and facilities for yachts which are offered at Port Louis (at the Lagoon), Secret Harbour, south of St. George’s, Grenada Marine, a private operation in St. David and Prickly Bay on the south east coast.


There are a number of shipping agents in Grenada. The following is a list of the agents, the shipping lines represented and country of origin:

Paddy’s Shipping
Norpoint-Guyana, Eastpack- St. Vincent, Benrose-Dominica, Stenguard- St. Vincent, Jaden-T - St. Vincent, Safiya- St. Vincent, Carmen Cecilia-Venezuela, Anita – St. Vincent, Von-tim Dominica, Elita- St. Vincent, Munie Chandra- St. Vincent.

 Otway’s Shippping
Admiral Bay- St. Vincent, Lady Grace 2- St. Vincent, Goncalo St. Vincent, Patri- St. Vincent

 Strategic Alliance
Ocean Princess –Trinidad, Style- St. Vincent, Anora- St. Vincent, Anjijang- St. Vincent, Andajian- St. Vincent

 George F. Huggins
Anina-St. Vincent, Tropical- St. Vincent, Stena-Caribbean- London, Stena Calypso- U.K, Whistler-Malta, Edsel- Hong Kong

 Jonas Browne Hubbards
Johnnie Lambros- St. Vincent, Geestline Cold Stream- Netherlands, Santa Catharina- Bahamas
Santa Lucia- Netherlands, Marcliff- Antigua, Westerland- Antigua, Franklin Strait- Antigua, Nera- Antigua

 W. E. Julien & CO Ltd
Seapack, Seafreight Zim –Miami St. Lucia Trinidad, Grenada, Jamaica

St. John Agency
Scol- Malta, CMA/ CGM Caracas- Antigua, CMA/CGM, Balsa- Panama, Sea explorer- Antigua, Lewbro- Panama, CIC Brazil- Bahamas, Gatun- Panama.

Grenada has a comprehensive road network that allows any part of the island to be reached within two hours from St. George’s. Public transportation is available from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. Taxi services, vehicle rental agencies, airport ground handlers and Aviation Services of Grenada Ltd are also available.

Average cost of transportation to tourism belt from Airport - US $15

The highest form of monetary authority lies with the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), who exercise wide control over the management of Grenada’s and other Caribbean Countries monetary system.  ECCB act as banker both to Government and to the commercial banks and lender of last resort to the financial system as a whole.

Banks in Grenada include First Caribbean International Bank, Grenada Co-operative Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, RBTT Bank, Republic Bank, Republic Finance and Merchant Bank, Grenada Development Bank.

Unit of currency is the Eastern Caribbean (EC) dollar tied to the US dollar at the rate of US $1: ec$2.70.

Grenada enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in the western hemisphere.  The Royal Grenada Police Force is responsible for civilian protection and defense.  Grenada is also a member of the Regional Security System of the Eastern Caribbean.

Grenada is a member of: