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GOG World Bank Agricom

Agricultural Competitiveness Project (AGRICOM)

The Government of Grenada (GOG) has received a loan of US$4.0 million from the World Bank for the OECS Regional Agricultural Competitiveness Project (AGRICOM). The project objective is to “enhance access to markets and sales for competitively selected Farmers and Fishers as well as their Allied Aggregators and Agro-processors (AA) in Grenada” through participation in Productive Alliances (PA). PA are market based commercial arrangement between small-scale individual or organized (FFs), as product supplying partners, and an AA which can be either a producer organization or private micro/small/medium enterprise (MSME), as buying counterparts within a joint venture, to be developed and implemented with the support of AGRICOM.

The PA approach is intended to improve small-scale producers’ access to markets, using the private sector as a vehicle to align smallholder production with market demand in terms of quantity, quality, and timeliness. The AGRICOM project will support technically feasible, financially viable, economically profitable, and socially / environmentally responsible business plans through a matching grant mechanism.

Guidance documents for the preparations of BIP are available below-