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Agriculture & Lands

Agronomy Division

Agronomy Division


  • Access to planting material
  • Transfer of technology to improve productivity and promote sustainable production systems including climate smart practices for farming community and youths

Services Provided

The following four stations of the Agronomy Division are involved in the propagation and sale of planting material:

  • Mirabeau station, St. Andrew’s):
    • Telephone number +1 (473) 442-7212 | +1 (473) 442-8650
    • Wide range of fruit trees and nutmeg are sold at the Propagation section of this station.
    • Corn seeds are sold in the Food crop section and planting material for sweet potato, cassava.
  • Boulogne station, St. Andrew’s:
    • Telephone number +1 (473) 442-7343
    • Cocoa seedlings and cuttings, nutmeg and soursop plants are sold; payment has to be made at Treasury or Revenue offices.
  • Maran station, St. John’s:
    • Telephone number +1 (473) 437-0953
    • Cocoa and nutmeg plants are main plants produced; small quantities of fruit plants are usually available at the beginning of the rainy season when monies are collected for a selected period.  Payment usually has to be made at Treasury or Revenue offices.
  • Ashenden station, St. David’s:
    • Telephone number +1 (473) 444-7216
    • Ornamental plants and a small range of fruit trees, spice plants, and herbs are available for sale at selected periods.  Call station for information on times of sale.

Agronomist with responsibility for root crops (cassava, sweet potato, yam, eddoes, dasheen and tannia) and coconut for transfer of technology.