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Welcome to the Ministry of

Agriculture & Lands

Land Use Division

Land Use Division

Mission Statement 

To provide reliable Information and Services on Natural Resources, Agrometeorology, Irrigation Management and Practices.

Vision Statement 

To be the principal provider of the Information and Services used to manage the environment sustainably.

Priority Areas

  1. Land Information System Management/Re-mapping Project.
  2. Integrating GIS and Natural Resources Management. Implementation of PPCR Lidar, Orthophoto mapping, Geodetic Network,  Soil Mapping, Hydrometric Network Projects.
  3. Irrigation and Drainage.
  4. Water and Chemical Soil Analysis.
  5. Coordinate activities relating to the National Water and Land Policies.

Land Information System Management / Re-Mapping Project

  1. Presently working on the vectorization of all land parcels to be included into the Computerized Land Information System.
  2. Cartographic mapping and sale of natural resources data including hard copy maps.
  3. Providing advice on the sustainable use of natural resources.
    • Land suitability assessment for agricultural/other Land Uses.
    • The identification of areas for conservation and protection of natural resources.

Irrigation & Drainage

The Irrigation Management Unit (IMU) has only 3 staff at present which makes it severely understaffed and undermanned to meet the growing demand for irrigation services.

The Irrigation Management Unit coordinates all irrigation issues in Grenada, Carriacou & Petit Martinique. The IMU works to meet the needs of small farmers by providing specialist technical information on irrigation system design, operation, installation and maintenance. It develops, in coordination with Extension Division, training programs for farmers, extension officers and irrigation suppliers with regard to irrigation needs, practices operation and maintenance. The Unit also coordinates the ordering of equipment, scheduling of appointments and farm visits to do assessment, organizing training sessions, and working on developing policies to deal with water related issues in Grenada, such as the National Water Policy, Global Water Partnership- Caribbean and promoting Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Issues. 

The maintenance of the rainfall database, in coordination with the Grenada Land Information System (GLIS) at the Land Use Division is another task of the IMU.

The IMU also facilitated a number of National Dialogues and consultations on Water and has collaborated with CEHI, GWP-C, IWCAM, UNDP to conduct national stakeholders meetings that have lead to the development of a National IWRM Roadmap for Grenada and the approval of the Grenada National Water Policy by cabinet. The drafting of relevant legislation is also being conducted at present.

We have also assisted the Food Security Program with the Design and installation of irrigation systems in 9 Greenhouses.

Ongoing Activities

  • Support to OECS GCCCA Project. Land Use Policy and Legislation, Rain Water Harvesting, Land Use Cover Mapping. Prepared reports, from the meetings held. Prepared draft work plan and Budget for OECS to cover the work going forward including holding of national consultations.
  • Draft National Land Policy finalized and circulated to over 70 stakeholders and individuals. Held meeting with the Grenada Professional Engineering Association (GIPE) to present draft Land Policy and Legislation. The Policy and Legislation will be forwarded to Cabinet as part of the Environment Bill for approval.
  • Provide support to the Project Coordinating Unit in the implementation of the PPCR/DVRP Projects by reviewing TOR, Consultants reports, Evaluating consultants CV’s and finalizing the Hydromet Networks bid specifications documents.
  • Support the Company conducting the Lidar and Geodetic Network establishment projects.
  • Support to the Grenada Development Bank working with farmers requesting Irrigation Support.


Acting Chief Land Use Officer: Mr. Trevor Thompson
2 Land Use Officers: Mr. Michael Mason, Ms. Ann Francis
1 System Administrator: Mr. Kenton Fletcher
1 Agromet Observer: Mr. Daryl Thomas
1 Irrigation Technician:  Ms. Celia Edwards


IPCC:  Inter Government Panel on Climate Change, Focal Point
GWP-C: Global Water Partnership Caribbean- Secretariat
FAO: Food and agriculture Organisation
CCCCC: Caribbean Community Climate Change Center
UNCCD: United Nations Convention to Combat desertification
SDC: Sustinable Development Committee
NCCC: National Climate Change Committee

Watershed Maps

Watershed Map of Grenada

Watershed Map of Carriacou

Landcover Map

Grenada Forest Land Cover Map

Beach Map

Grand Anse Beach Map