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Welcome to the Ministry of

Agriculture & Lands

Ministry Overview

 Hon. Peter David
Minister of Agriculture,Forestry & Lands


Mission Statement

To facilitate National Food Security and the increase in economic returns from the Agricultural Sector through the promotion of sustainable use of natural resources and the provision of quality services and products.

Vision Statement

To be the premiere Agricultural Service provider facilitating total food security.

Senior Members

About Us


The Ministry of Agriculture & Land, led by Hon. Yolande Bain Horsford, Minister, has a mandate to contribute to the economic growth and sustainable development of Grenada. 

This mandate places agriculture as one of the pillars of Grenada’s economy as the country focuses on achieving a significant level of food security and economic growth from this sector.  While Grenada has recovered well from two hurricanes in 2004 and 2005, in various sectors, the agricultural sector was an exception.  Nevertheless, the Ministry is committed to the revitalization of the sector so as to restore its contribution to the socio-economic development of the country.  

The renewed emphasis on agriculture focuses on a replanting programme for nutmegs, much of which was destroyed following Hurricanes Ivan (2004) and Emily (2005), rehabilitation of the cocoa industry and supporting value additions, expanding livestock development (especially small ruminants) and expanding fruit orchards.  Efforts are being made to get as much idle lands as possible under cultivation. 

In order to achieve these, the restructuring and re-organization of the Ministry is necessary in order to provide improved leadership and support services. 

The Ministry of Agriculture & Land operates within an extensive legislative and regulatory framework.

The Ministry of Agriculture & Land has responsibility for the following:

  • Implementing Grenada’s Agricultural Policy
  • Translating and implementing other national policies relating to its mandate
  • The development and management of an agricultural strategic plan
  • Developing and implementing programmes that are economically viable, socially acceptable and environmentally sound
  • Supporting programmes that would contribute to the economic and social well being of stakeholders
  • Creating and maintaining an environment for enhancing productivity and competitiveness in the agricultural sector
  • Facilitating the production of safe food
  • Education and training – developing and implementing public awareness programmes and training stakeholders
  • Collaborating with regional and international agencies including CARICOM, OECS, CARDI, IICA, FAO, EU and GEF
  • Evaluating and strategizing to improve the management and delivery of all its function..

The Ministry is comprised of the following Divisions:

  • Administration
  • Agronomy
  • Bio Technology & Research
  • Extension
  • Land Use
  • Farm Machinery/Mechanization
  • Pest Management
  • Produce Chemist Laboratory
  • Tissue Culture Laboratory
  • Veterinary and Livestock



  • Grenada Cocoa Association (GCA)
  • Grenada Cooperative Nutmeg Association
  • The Grenada Food and Nutrition Council (GFNC)
  • Minor Spices Association