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Agriculture & Lands

Planning Unit

Planning Unit

The Planning Unit presently comprises of four persons-

  • A Senior Planning Officer 
  • Planning Officer – responsible for marketing 
  • Planning Officer – responsible for statistics 
  • Planning Officer 

The Planning Unit offers the following services/functions-

  • To analyse and provide guidance on preparation and implementation of the various policies within the agricultural sector and to transform these policies into programmes and projects.
  • To identify, assist and provide technical assistance in the preparation, programming, planning and budgeting of projects and programme proposals for the Ministry. 
  • To monitor and evaluate agricultural sector projects and programmes.
  • To co-ordinate the development of the Ministry’s sector/cooperate plan.
  • To assist the preparation of the Ministry’s annual Budget. 
  • To assist in market identification, and provide market information/ intelligence to the farming community and to provide guidance on resolving marketing issues.
  • To collect, compile, analyze, store and disseminate data/statistics on the agricultural sector.