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Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture

Climate Smart Agriculture Grenada

Smart Agriculture Practices in Grenada

System Practice
Nutmeg Restoration of hurricane damaged plantations
Cocoa Organic cocoa in mixed, multilayer plantations
Fruit, Veg, Root crops Drip feed irrigation
Solar powered irrigation systems
Contour ploughing
No-burn agriculture, with shredding, composting, mulching
Increased cultivation of tubers (hurricane resistant)
Livestock Stabled dairy goats with cut-and-carry fodder production
All agriculture Controlled use of agrochemicals
Organic agriculture
Water capture and protection of water sources
Composting organic waste
Drought resistant crops/varieties
Risk mapping
Micro-level weather insurance
Sector-wide Develop food-processing capacity
Developing sustainable land management capacity
Integrated watershed management
Developing management and decision making capacity

Source - World Bank; CIAT; CATIE. 2014. Climate-Smart Agriculture in Grenada. CSA Country.