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Agriculture & Lands

Veterinary and Livestock Division

Veterinary And Livestock Division


The Veterinary and Livestock Division is responsible for the treatment of animals, Risk Assessment prior to approval to import meat products, issuing of technical support to farmers through training on Animal Health, nutrition and management, Ant-mortem inspection of animals prior to slaughter, Quarantine, disease surveillance within the Apiary industry, livestock industry and poultry industry, issuing of permits for live animals, meat and meat products, Disease reporting to international bodies like OIE ( World Animal Health, CAHFSA).

Special Initiative

The Veterinary and Livestock Division is committed to creating a favorable environment to assist the local poultry industry. We have implemented the Local Market Share – which is a guaranteed market for local farmers. We are creating a consortium that’s charged with investors from both the public and private sector to extract funding needed to propel the industry forward.


Dr. Kimond Cummings is the Head of the Chief Veterinary and Livestock Division. The Division can be contacted at +1 (473) 440-3083 and request for assistance can be channeled to the District Offices:

Office Phone Address
Eastern +1 (473) 442-7249 Located in Grenville, St. Andrew
Western +1 (473) 444-9049 Located in Black bay St. John
Southern +1 (473) 440-4862 Petite Bacaye, St. David
Northern +1 (473) 442-9139 Plains, St. Patrick