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Modes of Travel

Modes of Travel

Getting around in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique is easy. If you prefer exploring the islands independently, there are several vehicle rental companies to choose from. For a more authentic experience, why not hop on-board our public buses? Water taxis and taxicabs are also available for private hire. If you want a comprehensive tour of the islands, there is a wide variety of tour companies offering specialized tours to choose from. Local ferries and inter-island flights run relatively frequently as well.

With so many spectacular locations, a visit will call for a lot of travel and exploration. Fortunately, the country is well equipped with multiple modes of transportation, making it easier to explore all its sights. To optimize your visit, explore your options and plan ahead for a genuinely authentic experience.

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Public Bus

While most public buses run on a fixed route, the driver and conductor are more than glad to help and are willing to drop you off at any other point off the beaten track for a modest extra charge. Talk to them as you board the bus about your specific requirement.

If you are looking for an authentic Grenadian experience take public transport and you will get to experience the daily lifestyle, music, conversations and characters of the locals. Public buses are well connected throughout the country. Grenada has three bus terminals with the central bus station at Melville street in St. George parish, and the others at Grenville, St. Andrews parish and Sauteurs, St. Patricks parish. To identify your travel route, zone stickers are placed at the front of each bus. There is always a conductor managing the passengers who will also be able to help you with any questions you may have.

The local buses typically operate between the hours of 6.00am and 7.30 pm. Visitors should note that there are no scheduled bus services on Sundays throughout the island, with the notable exception of Route 1 which runs along Caliste, Grand Anse and St Georges town on all seven days with extended morning and late-night hours. 

Carnival season and other special events are an exception when bus frequency increases and new routes are introduced. 

Depending on your route, the fare can range from EC$2.50 to EC$6.50 per passenger on normal weekdays.

On weekends and some holidays, there is a slightly higher fare which can range from EC$3.00 to EC$8.00 per passenger.

The St George’s medical school runs its own bus service that is mostly limited to the parish of St Georges but runs 24 x 7 x 365 days a year. They do offer free rides to locals and visitors at times so you can look for them as well when traveling.

Bus routes from St. George's Bus Terminus

Zones Routes  Route Sticker
1 St. George's/Belmont/Grand Anse/Calliste/Grand Anse Valley Gold
2 St. George's/Springs/Woodlands/Woburn Orange
2 St. George's/Calivigny/Westerhall/Grenville & Green Orange
3 St. George's/Richmond Hill/Morne Jaloux/Marian/Calivigny Purple
4 St. George's/St. Paul's/Perdmontemps/Vincennes/Old Westerhall/Beaton/ Mardigras/La Borie Green
5 St. George's/Concord/Grand Roy/ Gouyave/Victoria/Sauteurs Yellow
6 St. George's/Grand Etang/Birchgrove/Grenville Navy Blue
7 St. George's/River Road/Queen's Park/Darbeau/Tempe/Mt. Parnassus /Beaulieu/Boca/Vendomme/Annadale/New Hampshire/Willis Red
8 St. George's/Cherry HiII/Fontenoy/Mt.Moritz/Happy Hill/Beausejour/Brizan Blue
9 Sauteurs/Grenville  


Taxis are another easily available mode of travel one will find in Grenada. They are identifiable by registration numbers beginning with the letter ‘H’. While hotels and airports have ensured there are fixed taxi fares for the most common routes, traveling outside these areas will have varying rates depending on your destination, with additional surcharges incurred during off-hours. While most taxis only accept cash, some do take credit card, and all of them will usually accommodate payments in EC and US Dollars. Most Taxi Drivers also serve as registered tour guides and are available for half-day and full-day tour packages. You can work with them to customize your package and get around the island with ease. Few taxi companies in Grenada offer 24-hour cab service, so if you feel you may need a ride during off-peak hours, it would be best to notify your hotel and/or plan in advance.


The most common mode of transportation for those looking to visit Grenada’s sister islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique is the ferry. It is more cost-effective as well as frequent, with the ferries running every day of the week. The trip to Carriacou usually takes about 90 minutes and costs approximately EC$160.00 for a round trip ticket or EC$80.00 one way. Children (12 years and under) are EC$100.00 for a round trip or EC$50.00 one way.

Rental Cars

If you prefer to enjoy the Spice Islands on your own time and hit a few spots in one day, renting a car may be the ideal choice. In fact, tourists who have planned their itinerary to extensively tour sites outside of the Grand Anse and Saint George's area would benefit from renting a car.

Renting a car in Grenada is easy. If you have a valid driver’s license from the United States, United Kingdom or any of the OECS countries, you do not require a visitor’s driver’s license.

Grenada has several car rental agencies to choose from. Although it varies depending on the season, rates range between approximately US$50 to US$75 per day. Renting a car for a longer duration usually results in lower daily rates. In the high season from July to August, rentals must be secured for a minimum of at least three days.

Most rental car agencies require drivers to be 25 years and over. Before visitors get behind the wheel, they must first secure a Grenadian driving permit, which can be obtained by providing a valid driver's license at the police station.

The police station is located on The Carenage in the capital city of St Georges. A fee of EC$60/US$23 is required. For those who may not want to get behind the wheel, some rental companies provide drivers with a local permit as part of their service.

For additional details, click here.

Bikes and Mopeds

Those who are slightly more adventurous may want to experience every nook and corner of the island by opting to explore the country on mountain bikes or mopeds. These can be rented in the larger cities – such as St. Georges and Grenville. Bikes and mopeds allow a great deal of mobility and freedom to explore the island, however, bikers should be cautious while riding on the hilly terrain.

Air Travel

Grenada is easily accessible from many major international cities including Miami, New York, Atlanta, Toronto, London, Frankfurt, and the Caribbean. Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA), located in the St. George's, has undergone several key upgrades over the last few years. Travelers visiting Grenada can also opt for a short trip via inter-island charter to neighboring Carriacou, which has a landing strip at Lauriston Airport in Hillsborough that can accommodate smaller aircraft.

As tourism picks up significantly during the carnival season, most airlines will run double the frequency of flights, and you may get a better deal flying to the hidden gem of the Caribbean, Grenada.