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Welcome to the Ministry of

Education, Human Resource Development, Religious Affairs & Information

Ministry Overview


To provide administrative services, develop and implement policies and plans to support and deliver an efficient and effective education system.

Mission Statement

The Ministry will facilitate the development of global citizens who are able to realize their full potential through lifelong learning.

Vision Statement

A well managed educational system that promotes the principles of morality, equity, relevancy, accountability and lifelong learning opportunities that will produce an educated and skilled citizenry capable of making a meaningful contribution to society.


  • Create a diverse, adequate and comprehensive education system
  • Promote the education of the people in Grenada
  • Establish a coordinated education system organized in accordance with the Education Act


Hon. Emmalin Pierre
Minister for Education, Human Resource Development & Religious Affairs

Hon. Pamela Moses
Minister with responsibility for Tertiary Education, Skills Development & Education Outreach within the Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development & Religious Affairs

Senior Members