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Special Education Institutions

Special Education Institutions

Victoria School for Special Education

Formerly known as Spice Centre (Special People In a Caring Environment), Victoria School for Special Education (VSSE) caters to children within the parishes of St. Mark, St. John & St. Patrick.


The Victoria School for Special Education seeks to increase the level of independence of students with special needs through individualized and small group instruction and training in Numeracy, Literacy, Life Skills, Arts/Crafts and job training and to provide a holistic learning experience which will enable them to function in society.

Principal/Teacher in Charge: Ms. Judy Ann Auld

Contact Details 
Tel: +1 (473) 443-0130 
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Grenada School for Special Education (The Limes)

Principal/Teacher in Charge: Mrs. Ann Pierre

Contact Details 
The Lime Grand Anse
St. George's
Tel: +1 (473) 444-4446

St. Andrew's School For Special Education

St. Andrew's School for Special Education came about in 1998 by a Canadian Peace Corps Volunteer named Maureen. Classes started in a corner space at a local pre-school with five students. As the student population increased the school moved to a house in Ford, a village on the outskirts of Grenville. A total of 10 students were housed there. In April of 1990, the school moved from the house in Ford to a church building at Hills Road, Grenville. While at the church the student enrollment grew from ten to nineteen. The local Catholic Church leased a piece of land located on Cook Hill Road, Grenville, St. Andrew's. The actual school building was built through fundraising efforts by a German agency Christian Blind Mission, or CBM. In December 1991, the Board and Staff hosted an Opening Ceremony at the school's premises.

Principal/Teacher in Charge: Ms. Mirthlyn Raymond
Contact Details 
Tel: +1 (473) 442-6697 

Resource Center for the Blind

To provide educational support to students with Visual Impairment within the regular school system and to collaborate with and educate parents/guardians, and professionals in an effort to educate each student according to his/her interest and abilities, thus enabling them to reach maximum potential and to take their place in the social and economic life of their communities.

To ensure that all blind and visually impaired students receive an education that will enable them to lead a normal life in society.
Principal/Teacher in Charge: Mrs. Vernice Morain
Contact Details 
Resource Centre for the Blind
Park Estate
St George's
Grenada West Indies 
Tel: +1 (473) 435-0828

School for the Deaf

Seeks to serve as a comprehensive institution for the deaf/hearing impaired community
Principal/Teacher in Charge: Mrs. Michelle Brathwaite
Contact Details
Skyviews Island Hotspots
10a Pavilion Court
Christ Church
Tel: +1 (473) 440-2242