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Construction of Gouyave Health Centre

The Government of Grenada, with financial support from 11th European Development Fund (EDF) Programme intends to use part of this financing for the reconstruction of the Gouyave Health Center, St. John’s. This Health Centre is expected to be a flagship facility of the revitalized National Primary Health Care (PHC) Program, providing primary healthcare services to residents of the western Health District which spans communities in St.Patrick, St.Mark and St.John.  PHC is a multifaceted approach to healthcare which emphasizes community participation and preventative care with specific emphasis on the reduction of chronic- non communicable diseases.

The health center is a three storey facility with a total area of sixteen thousand and nineteen (16,019) square feet.

The ground floor is designed for the delivery of Accident and Emergency, Maternity and X-Ray Services. It will also incorporate an Operating Theater for minor surgical operations. To accommodate the needs of the physically challenged the facility will also be equipped with a mechanical lift.

The first floor will accommodate Consultation Rooms, Health Center Administrative Offices, Conference facilities to support a comprehensive programme of public education and staff development and training activities and Oral Health Services.

The Basement will house electrical and mechanical service operations as well as facilities for laundry and storage.

Gouyave Health Center

The reconstruction of the Gouyave Health Center is evidence of the commitment of the Ministry of Health and by extension the Government of Grenada to continue its mission to promote health and wellness and to meet the changing needs of the population. In this regard, the construction of the Gouyave Health Center is expected to improve the accessibility to health services and to enhance the scope of services available within the catchments area, and to the people of Grenada.