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Welcome to the Ministry of

Infrastructure Development, Public Utilities, Energy, Transport & Implementation

Ministry Overview

Hon. Gregory Clarence Bowen
Minister for Infrastructure Development, Public Utilities, Energy, Transport & Implementation


Mission Statement

To protect and enhance the nation’s investment in infrastructure to provide regulatory oversight for Public Utilities, ICT & physical development.

Vision Statement

A service-oriented Ministry delivering value and contributing towards sustainable economic growth, innovation and knowledge, social development and good governance.

The administration of the Ministry is supported by the Registry, the Finance Department and the office of the Administrative Officers (Personnel & Finance) and the Senior Administrative Officer.

Senior Members

About Us

National Policy Context

The National policy context provides the overarching economic growth and development priorities of Grenada, and by extension set the strategic agenda of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Public utilities, Energy, Implementation and Transport.

The main policy imperatives at this level are the national strategic development plan, the five sectors of economic transformation and the Pillars of the New Economy. From these the Ministry derive its broad strategic agenda and its particular goals and objectives.

In this regard, the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Public Utilities, Energy, Implementation and Transport sees its role as critical to support the transformative sector and the New Economy in advancing government policy agenda.

In addition, the Ministry conducts its business in alignment with the whole of Government Framework, as key to its inclusiveness and success in obtaining its goals and objectives.

Emanating from this top down approach the Ministry creates its vision, mission and values

Public Service of Grenada

The Public Service of Grenada (PSOG) has been in existence well over half a century. Modernization of the PSOG has been taking place since 1957.

Similarly the Ministry of Works has been a long standing Ministry which has remained constant but only changed over time in its core functional mandate. A recent example is the inclusion of the Energy and Implementation Division under its remit in 2018, the Ministry is the same but its size shape changes over time.

It is noteworthy, that Public Sector Modernization is a critical success factor for increased growth and development of small island states like Grenada.

In this regard, the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Public Utilities, Energy, Implementation and Transport sees itself as a significant game changer of the transformation process for realigning the core function to the strategy and goals of the Public Service of Grenada, so that this Ministry can become a true partner in overall goal achievement.

The National vision of the Public Service of Grenada is very explicit, it states:

“A Public Sector that fully understands and demonstrates that it exists solely to serve Grenada, its citizens, residents, and all customers helping them to achieve their goals: and to do so with integrity, professional competence, responsiveness, openness and transparency, and is fully accountable for its actions and performance. (Draft Policy and Programme for modernization the State-Grenada-September 2010)."

In light of the foregoing, the Ministry is framed within a broader national policy context which is informed by: the vision of the Public Service, National, Regional and International policies, legislations, standards, conventions and agreements.