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Welcome to the Ministry of

Infrastructure Development, Public Utilities, Energy, Transport & Implementation



The project portfolio of the Ministry to date consists of 56 projects with a funding envelope of over 200MUSD. 

The top ten projects 

  1. Grenada Western Corridor Upgrade Project- CDB/UKCIF
  2. Agriculture Feeder Roads III- KFAED
  3. St. Patrick's Road Network - KFAED
  4. MBIA Expansion and Resurfacing - Exim Bank China
  5. Extreme Rainfall/Gouyave Flood Mitigation/Road and Slope Rehabilitation in St. John. - CDB/UKCIF
  6. Reconstruction of Gouyave Health Centre
  7. The Mt Horne Child Development Centre
  8. Government Buildings (45) 
  9. The Grenada Education Enhancement Project (GEEP) 
  10. Construction/Retrofitting of the Clico Building to accommodate High Courts and refurbishment of the Judges Residence.