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Ministry Of Labour

“Welcome to the Official Website of the Ministry of Labour. This website in part reflects the new focus in the areas of labour administration. The vision, mission and core values of the Ministry provides the guiding principles for the implementation of the activities of the various divisions.

Highlighted are the strategic and operational planning objectives within the work areas of the divisions all of which are firmly rooted in the priority areas of the Government. The Homegrown Structural Adjustment Programme of the Government which links labour market reforms and employment creation has also been incorporated.

Our main priority areas at the ministry are:

  • Decent and productive work environment
  • Improving the enabling environment for labour management
  • Improved stewardship and Accountability

Labour plays a key role in achieving the goals of the National Development Plan in the areas of Economy and Poverty; Participation, Consultation and Equal Opportunities; Youth Development and Gender. The Ministry also takes into consideration employment creation as a priority area of the Government.”




 Of Labour

Work Permit

Work Permit

Canada Seasonal Agriculture Workers' Programme

Canada Seasonal Agriculture Workers' Programme



 Of Labour