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Family Services

Family Services

This programme provides assistance to:

  • Juveniles through the monitoring of teenagers who come into conflict with the law. This includes representation through the court system, family and community interventions.
  • Day Care by the provision of institutional and community educational services for children between the ages of six months to three years.
  • Elder Care in the form of institutional and community care services to the elderly. Personal care support service is provided to vulnerable clients to remain in the community for as long as possible.
  • Probation services by means of monitoring of non-custodial sentences in the community. Low-risk offenders who have been placed on service orders by the court serve time in the community contributing to charitable organizations or being engaged in the community activities e.g. minor repairs, beach clean/community painting of public facilities etc.
  • Counselling efforts by using individual and family intervention for clients and their families.
  • The disabled by way of regulatory and supervisory support for the Grenada Council for the Disabled Member Organizations to provide services to the affected population.