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Criteria for Housing Assistance under the Home Improvement Scheme

To access Housing Assistance under the Home Improvement Scheme, applicants who are needy, poor, vulnerable, marginalised or temporarily disadvantaged will be deemed eligible in accordance with the following qualifying criteria-

  • Single parent headed household.
  • Household with children of school age.
  • Family qualifying through the Proxy Means Test and Survey of living conditions established by the Ministry.
  • Houses that are in a state of disrepair where the applicant is unable to repair.
  • Homes of senior citizens who do not have any means of income to accommodate repairs.
  • The applicant is economically challenged due to a chronic illness.
  • A person living with a disability.
  • Victims of gender based violence.
  • Victims of a natural disaster, (fire, flood, land slide etc.).
  • Persons MUST earn an  income under $1,200.00 monthly
  • Persons with no alternative housing ( e.g. former residents of child care homes, nationals and  former prisoners)

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