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Safety Net

Safety Net

Under the Safety Net Programme:

  • Public Assistance is provided to vulnerable families who fall below the poverty line. Cash transfers are made to the elderly, mentally ill, and persons who are physically and mentally challenged. The public assistance programme targeted five thousand persons in 2007. This target has been achieved.
  • Necessitous Fund is given through financial support to children to ensure that they remain in school by means of cash transfer made to the school or to the family. This programme provided assistance to more than one thousand four hundred and fifty students during this year. The programme provides assistance from August to June of every year. It targets children from poor and large families, those in child care homes and foster care, and those who do not attend school regularly.
  • Burial Assistance is granted to families whose relatives need assistance to ensure a proper burial of their loved ones. A grant not exceeding two thousand dollars is given to vulnerable families but is paid upon application to the funeral homes. The programme targeted one hundred persons in 2007.
  • Disaster Fund is provided to families that have suffered a personal disaster. Most of the assistance has been granted to families that have experienced a fire involving wooded uninsured buildings. In other cases, victims of floods or heavy rains have been assisted. One thousand five hundred dollars is contributed to each affected family.
  • Glasses Assistance Program