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Community Sports Program

Community Sports Program

The Sports and Recreation for all program focus on the long term development and participation of the athlete by promoting sports at the school and community level from childhood to adulthood. The program seeks to get students interested in sport through coaching program that would entice them into lifetime participation in sport.

The program targets students of the primary and secondary schools. Coaches from the Ministry target children in their upper grades at a primary level and those in form three (3) at the secondary level. Various sporting disciplines are taught at different times during the year. Competitions are also organized by the Ministry for the various sports under the Ministry purview. The school program is also a means of identifying talent at an early age, 

The community component of the program aims to keep more Grenadians active in recreational sport and physical activity throughout their lifetime and at the same time keep athletes involved in sport after they would have completed their schooling.  The flagship of this programme would be the Grenada games where persons would represent their communities by participating in a multi-sport Olympic like event every two years.


  1. To develop athletic ability and basic skills of various sports to children in school.
  2. To encourage greater participation in sport and recreation and identify talent through community sports.
  3. Encourage adult participation in physical activity through community competitions.
  4. To create healthier and active communities through sports.


  • Sports promotion for mass participation in schools and communities
  • Capacity building of coaches, officials, and facilities managers to implement community/school sport
  • Provision of technical services to Associations
  • Improve sporting infrastructure
  • Creation of sporting centres
  • Competitions e.g. Grenada Games Outreach Program