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Youth Development, Sports, Culture & The Arts

Drum Corps Programme


Start Date: June 2019


The Drum Corps Programme provides forums for students at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels to showcase and demonstrate their creative talents and skills on the marching drums.


  • to teach basic functions and rudiments of playing the drums, along with marching skills.
  • to learn how to read and play different rhythmic patterns.
  • to teach Drummers how to incorporate different playing rudiments at various sporting events.
  • to encourage Drummers to enhance their technique.
  • to provide a platform for the students to showcase their talent.

Programme Schedule & Format

  • Days: Monday to Friday
  • Venues: Anglican High School, Grenada Junior Academy, St. Mary's Junior School, Calliste Government School, St. Louis RC Girls' School.
  • Time: 12:00pm/noon to 4:00pm