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Youth Development, Sports, Culture & The Arts

Music Production & Labs Program


Start Date: September 2019


The Music Production & Lab Program is expected to develop a cadre of musicians and musical bands, increase the appreciation of music, and improve the quality of music produced in Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique. Music labs will be created to prepare persons in music theory and practicum while providing the opportunity for them to produce and record their music at a professional standard.


  • To reintroduce music as an important part of the school curriculum.
  • To make the production of music accessible to all interested persons in that aspect of culture.
  • To create central locations where music can be taught and developed.
  • To sensitize Grenadians about the various aspects of music.
  • To improve the quality of music produced nationally.

Schedule & Format

  • One (1) hour of tutorial
  • One (1) hour of practicum
  • Two (2) hours per week
  • Venues: Mac Donald College & St. Andrew's Anglican Secondary School
  • Times: TBD