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National Youth Parliament

National Youth Parliament

The National Youth Parliament is a national discussion platform provided by the Division of Youth to encourage young people through active debates to take part in shaping the country, deepen democracy and play a critical role in social transformation, reconstruction and development of Grenada.

Youth Parliament serves as a mechanism to involve youth in debating the pressing issues faced by young people and the country at large. It creates an opportunity for the youth to engage with Parliament, the provincial Legislatures, national youth structures and national government, and it encourages them to take part in the decision-making and legislative processes.

The National Youth Parliament will further facilitate the public involvement of youths in the legislature; promote the principles of co-operative youth governance and intergovernmental relations.

Youth Parliamentarians (YMPs) have many responsibilities, including:

  • Discussing and debating government policy and other political issues;
  • Consulting with and representing the views of the nations’ youth at the National Youth Parliament;
  • Helping young people to be champions of change in their constituencies;
  • Ensuring that the mandate of government to youths is being done; and
  • Putting our "Youth at the centre of economic opportunities".