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National Youth Week

National Youth Week

This program seeks to celebrate and recognize the achievements of Youth, to promote youth empowerment and youth participation in decision making at all levels; to mobilize youth participation in activities at the community, parish and national levels, as well as to provide a venue for young people to express their views on issues relating to their development and those of national concern.

Celebrations like these encourage young people to present their talents, share ideas and focus on the positive aspects of being young. It also provides a perfect opportunity to recognise young people's contribution to the community, promote information and services available to youth whilst at the same time allows for the celebration of all things positives for our young people. Generally, I am very satisfied with the executed events thus far since youth Week aims to create a society that values young people and affirms their diversity. The activities will highlight the amazing things young people do all year. Young people are those aged 18-35.

Youth Week is about encouraging young people's participation and connections to their communities.

Our events allow and encourage young people to get involved, have a say, influence opinions, showcase their creativity and talent, share ideas, access information and have fun! Youth Week is also a time to acknowledge youth workers, youth service providers and others working with and for young people.

Our focus is to:

  • Encourage young people to present their talents, share ideas and focus on the positive aspects of being young
  • Recognise young people's contribution to the community
  • Promote information and services available to youth

Provide an opportunity for discussion of youth issues and provide small business and other opportunities for young people. In 2019, activities included Community Service Weekend, National Youth Awards, Health Walk and Fitness Dancercise, Youth Expo, 3 x 3 Fun Night, Career Fair, Minister’s Address to the nation etc. which on the Sister Isle of Carriacou and Petite Martinique, we executed Youth Hike and Cool Down event, Church Service, Community Outreach, Job fair and Youth expo, Speech Off contest, Community Projects among many others which our young people have been able to benefit tremendously.