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Obtain an Apostille for a Grenadian Document

Citizens, residents and businesses can obtain an apostille for a Grenadian Document

Service Information

An Apostille of an original Grenadian document is the verifying that the signature on  the original document is a true and correct signature on the document. An apostille service is requested when an Original Document needs to be ‘attested’ or ‘apostilled’ as an original, and is required to be submitted for processing of another application or government service.

The online application is required to initiate the Apostille process. You can subsequently mail-in the original documents or walk-in with them to a Foreign Mission, Consulate, or a Government Office to get them apostilled. The officer shall facilitate the process, and formally update the status online, till such time the service is deemed completed or delivered.

NOTE: You will need to possess the ORIGINAL of the document to be Apostilled for this service to be delivered.

  • The document to be apostilled needs to be a Official Grenadian Document
Process Steps
  1. Register yourself online and obtain access to the E-Services Portal.
  2. Complete the Apostille for a Grenadian Document Form.
  3. Upload copies of the originals that are required to be Apostilled. This will facilitate the Officer to validate the veracity of the document before the document is attested.
  4. Submit the form and the documents. You will be taken to a Payment page.
  5. Payment depends on the number of documents to be apostilled. Make the payments as required.
  6. Take a Print of the Receipt and attach to the Document set you plan to mail in, or walk-in with to the nearest consulate. Addresses to mail or walk-in with the documents is listed below. Pick the location nearest to you.
  7. Revisit and check the status of the application. If the Office requires additional documentary proofs, the Officer shall update the same online. You will also obtain an email notification of the same.
  8. Once Complete, the Office shall mail back the apostilled documents, and you will receive an email indicating the same has been dispatched


False documents and claims are liable for further investigations and are punishable by law

Payment Details


  • The cost to have a document Apostilled is US$20.00. The cost to have the document forwarded to Grenada and returned to you is US$45.00.
  • The cost of having the Apostille expedited is US$25.00. The cost to have the document forwarded to Grenada and returned to you is US$45.00.
  • You should have SEPARATE money orders for US$20.00 and US$45.00 made payable to Consulate General of Grenada

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