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Office of The Prime Minister

Functions & Responsibilities

Functions & Responsibilities

The portfolio and mandate of the Office of the Prime Minister is inextricably linked with the role of the Prime Minister as Head of the Government and Chairman of Cabinet. As Head of Government, the Prime Minister is ultimately responsible for the policy and decisions of Government. He also oversees the operation of the Public Service as Minister for Public Administration and is the principal government official in the Lower House of Parliament.

The Constitution Order 1973 conferred various functions and responsibilities to the Prime Minister namely:-

  • Advise the Governor-General in the government of Grenada on the basis of collective responsibility of Cabinet to Parliament for any advice given to the Governor-General by or under the general authority of the Cabinet and for all things done by or under the authority of any Minister in the execution of his office.
  • Advise the Governor-General on senior appointments in the Public Service, such as appointments to the office of Minister, appointment of the Chairman of PSC and two members of PSC.
  • Signifies concurrence or objection to the Public Service Commission (PSC) before the PSC tender advise to the Governor-General for appointments to the offices of Secretary to the Cabinet, Permanent Secretary, Head of a Department of government, deputy head of a department of government, and Chief of Police.
  • Administrate departments of government ( which are normally listed on the Instrument of Appointment)
  • Instruct and or direct the Secretary to the Cabinet for arranging the business for, and keeping the minutes of, the Cabinet and for conveying the decisions of the cabinet to the appropriate person or authority.

In Grenada, the office of the Prime Minister is staffed with both temporary political appointees and career public officers. The organization and role is determined by the Prime Minister, in other words departments or units could be constituted or transferred to other departments of government if the Prime Minister so directs.

Service Delivery Responsibilities

Prime Minister’s Secretariat is the arm that provides logistical, secretarial and advisory support for the Prime Minister. Their sole aim is to ensure that the necessary support mechanism is in place for seamless communication and dialogue with internal and external stakeholders and to facilitate all activities in support of the function of the Office of the Prime Minister. This Unit is also the coordination hub for inter-ministerial dialogue of national importance and provides a platform for dialogue between the Prime Minister and Ministers of Government and other public officials.