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Mandate of the Cabinet Office

Mandate of the Cabinet Office

The mandate of the Cabinet Office is:

  • Arranging the business for and keeping the Minutes of Cabinet and for conveying the decisions of the Cabinet to the appropriate person or authority.
  • Providing secretariat services to Cabinet and its Committees
  • Development and administration of Cabinet processes
  • Head of the Public Service

In keeping with its mandate, the functions of the Cabinet Office are:

  • Developing Cabinet’s forward agenda
  • Initiating and participating in key meetings leading up to the formulation of policy
  • Monitoring the degree and adequacy of inter-departmental consultation on proposals for Cabinet decisions
  • Providing an independent perspective on Ministries’ / Departments’ proposals
  • Controlling the quality and context of information reaching Cabinet and Cabinet Committees by reviewing all materials in advance
  • Briefing the Prime Minister on his / her role as Chairman of Cabinet and Cabinet Committee Chairman on handling issues on the respective agendas
  • Recording appropriate summaries of Cabinet discussions and decisions and disseminating decisions to appropriate persons or authority
  • To the extent possible monitoring and evaluating the impact of important decisions taken by the Cabinet
  • Managing transitions between administrations and supporting the continuity of Government
  • Promoting coherence and quality in the deliverance of policy and operation across Ministries and Departments
  • Monitoring the work of individual Ministries and Departments in terms of priority policies and programs to ensure that all are operating consistent with the overall strategic focus of the Government
  • Perfecting various legal documents such as licenses, etc.
  • Managing performance across the whole of government.

In addition to the above, and with specific reference to the Head of the Public Service, the functions of the Cabinet Office are: 

  • Providing guidance on central government operations and processes ensuring that the Public Service is organized effectively and adequately skilled to implement government policies and societal needs
  • Setting, promoting and enforcing the values of the Public Service
  • Interfacing with the Public Service Commission on senior appointments within the Public Service and with the Governor General’s office on Ministerial appointments and the transfer of Permanent Secretaries
  • Chairing the Senior Managers Board (SMB) and managing the SMB agenda