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Permit to Import Caged (Pet) Bird

Visitors, students and citizens can import caged pet birds into Grenada

Service Information

Students studying at the St. George’s (Medical) University (SGU), tourists and citizens can import pet birds into Grenada. The overall process is simple, and the Veterinary Officer from the Ministry of Agriculture & Lands shall facilitate in easy and speedy importation.

The importer is requested to ensure that safety precautions against bird flu and other contagious diseases are taken by way of vaccines and other treatments and documented proof of such activities are presented before importation or arrival at the air or sea ports. This is essential to prevent trans-border spread of animal & bird diseases, and ensure healthy animal population in the islands and ensure livelihood of the farming community.


It is important to fill the form, and inform the Veterinarian before bringing the pet inland to ensure all compliances are met and to ensure speedy clearance of the pet at the intended ports.

Process Steps
  • Register yourself online and obtain valid access credentials to the E-Services Portal
  • Login and Complete the Pet Import Permit form before you begin shipment of the pet into the islands. Details to include
    • Applicant's name and country of residence with pet.
    • Particulars requested on your pet(s).
    • Port or Airport of Landing in GRENADA.
    • Expected date of arrival in Grenada. (this is to ensure that the concerned veterinary officer may make themselves available to ensure easy clearance at port)
    • Make sure to have the completed portion of the permit while arriving at port
    • Permit must be filled atleast 2 weeks prior to arrival along with the Health Certificate of the Pet.
      • Note: users may alternatively fax the Filled Permit and Health Certificate to the Veterinary Department at (473) 440–4191 along with Health Certificate for approval and signature at least two (2) weeks prior to arrival in Grenada.
  • Review the details and submit the form.
  • Login frequently to check status of issuance of Permit

Note: Please note the following

  • That the Bird(s) are obtained from breeding establishment known to be free of Infecto-Contagious diseases.
  • That there have been no outbreaks of any of the under-mentioned diseases for at least 12 months prior to importation of the birds, ie: Calamydiosis, Candidasis, Giardiasis, Viscerotropic Velogenic New Castle Disease (VVND), Pacheco’s Parrot Disease, Avian influenza Virus.

In the event of any urgency, or emergency, kindly contact-

The Veterinary Department
Ministry of Agriculture & Lands

Third Floor
Ministerial Complex
Sir Eric Matthew Gairy Botanical Gardens
Tanteen, St. George’s,
Grenada, W.I.
Tel: +1 (473) 440-2708 | +1 (473) 440-3078 | +1 (473) 440-3083
Fax: +1 (473) 440-4191