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Protection Order

Citizens, visitors and businesses can see a protection order from the Courts, if they feel that their wellbeing and security is at stake.

Service Information

The Courts of Grenada have the power to provide a Protection Order that ensures citizen wellbeing and sense of security. Though this service targets women and children who perceive a sense of insecurity, all individuals and entities that need protection can access it.

The duly filled form shall be reviewed by the Supreme Court Registry.

Process Steps
  1. Register yourself online
  2. Choose the form of protection required – the form can be filled as a Domestic Protection Order, or as a Business Protection Order. Details of the Applicant and Respondent are taken along with Name, ID, DoB, Address, Occupation, Nature of Relationship or Concern. The application also asks for the type of protection/restraint that is required and asks to select the closest police station they could contact in the event of an emergency.
  3. Review the details. Submit online.
  4. Once reviewed, you will be called for a ‘hearing’ at the Magistracy Court, where your plea is heard.
  5. A Judicial Officer who ensures that the person understands the contents of the above declaration administers an Oath.
  6. An Affidavit FORM 5A in support of the Application [Rule 3] is taken, along with any additional document such as medical certificate, report etc.
  7. Court Order is then provided and executed.
Payment Details

There are no payments associated with this service.


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