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Returning Nationals Program

Citizens who have lived abroad can avail incentives for returning back to Grenada through the Returning Nationals Program or the Welcome Home Program

Service Information

Grenadian citizens who have lived abroad for 7 or more years can avail concessions for setting up businesses in Grenada, and for their import of vehicles, and household effects if they return back on a permanent basis

Returning Nationals are eligible for:

  • 50% concession on a vehicle.
  • 100% exemption on all household and personal effects, whether new or used, up to EC$75,000.00.

Tax incentives for setting up business

  • The person or their family should have lived outside of Grenada for 7 or more years
  • The person shall return back to Grenada on a permanent basis
  • They shall possess a one-way ticket back to Grenada

Nationals returning post-retirement shall have a copy of their retirement letter

Process Steps
  1. Register yourself online and obtain access to the E-Services Portal.
  2. Complete the Grenadian Returning Nationals Form.
  3. Upload additional proofs of the period of stay abroad, permanent return, such as a one-way ticket, retirement letter and others.
  4. Complete and upload the Concession Form for their cars, and the checklist for household & personal effects.
  5. Revisit and check the status of the application


  1. False claims are liable for further investigations and are punishable by law that may involve revoking the benefits and concessions extended, and may involve revoking the concessions extended and additional fines where applicable
  2. A Customs Service Charge of 6% is applicable on all imports under the revised Programme
  3. Concession for 50% for a vehicle is limited to One per family. The vehicle may be purchased locally, if so desired. The exemption will be valid for three (3) years. If the vehicle is sold within three (3) years of the concession being granted, the Returning National is liable to repay the taxes foregone. With respect to the environmental levy – vehicles 1-­‐5 years will attract a 2% CIF value and vehicles over 5 years will attract a 30% CIF Value.
Payment Details

There are no payments associated with this service.


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