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Special Project Application Form

Individuals and businesses can apply for special assistance for projects that benefit the community.

Service Information

Individuals and businesses can apply for special assistance for projects that benefit the community. Though common projects in general entail building of roads, bridges, drains and other physical infrastructure, they are by no means restricted or limited to them.


The project needs to benefit the larger community.

Process Steps

1. Register yourself online and obtain valid login credentials
2. Download the Special Projects Application form.
3. Provide all the details requested. See guidelines below for specific data elements
4. Upload the form.
5. Review & Submit
6. Revisit often to view approval. Alternately you may be contacted by the PMO
intimating of your forms status.

Instructions for Filling the Special Projects Application Form
ID Number / TIN: Identification Number (Passport/Driver’s License) or Business Tax Identification Number (TIN).
Constituency: State the name of the Constituency in which the project is to be executed.
Contractor’s Name: Provide all details required including the name and title of the applicant.
Address: Applicant’s mailing address.
Telephone: Applicant’s land line contact number.
Mobile: Applicant’s mobile contact number.

Email: Applicant’s Email Address
Project Title: The title should be brief, but as descriptive as possible.
Project Cost: Indicate the estimated total project cost. When assessing your project costs, be as accurate as possible. Please note you will be required to supply estimates and a full detailed breakdown of costs to support this information.
Project Description: Provide a short description of the project. Describe the current situation and the main needs for an intervention, which will be addressed by the proposed Project. State the expected outcomes and benefits it will bring to residents of the constituency.
Project Type: Indicative options include

  • Roads
  • Drains
  • Work Brigades
  • Other

Supplier: List the Name of the supplier(s) project materials are being procured from.
Materials: List materials and supplies and associated expenses. Items will normally be considered materials and supplies if their productive lifespan is not significantly more than the term of the project. Each item will be assessed under this category to determine if it classifies as a material/supply (not a piece of equipment).
Labour: Indicate the number of males and females that make up the labour component of the
Village/Community: Be as accurate as possible by describing the community(s), neighbourhood(s),village(s) or town(s) that your project will be delivered in or impact upon.
Number of Residents: State the number of residents in the village or community listed above.
Sections 3, 4 and 5 of the Application Form are to be completed by the Constituency Office, The Project Supervisor and the relevant Government officials at the various Government Ministries where applicable.

Payment Details

There are no payments associated with this service


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