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Uniform Services

Needy families can avail educational funds from the PM Office for uniform and other authorized items

Service Information

Each year the Prime Minister’s Office sets aside funds for low and no income families to help their children obtain uniforms, stationaries and other authorized items. This program is separate from the Book Issuance program that is available directly from the schools themselves.

An average of 5000 families benefit from this program. If you are in need of funds to support your children education, feel free to apply for this program.


The individual & their family need to come within the low to no income family bracket to avail this service

Process Steps
  1. Register yourself online and obtain valid login credentials
  2. Download the Needs Assistance form. Remember, each form is bar coded and cannot be used by your friends or other families, who need to register and apply separately.
  3. Once downloaded, take a print and visit the authorized shop in your parish to avail the possible items listed. 

Note: Each form is bar coded separately. Misuse of this form is an offence, takes valuable funds away from other needy families, and is a punishable office. Also, since the forms are traceable, it is easy to find such misuse.

Payment Details

There are no payments associated with this service


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