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Where to Stay

Where to Stay

Grenada has emerged as a preferred destination choice for people planning a vacation to an island or a beach. Apart from being easily accessible from many major international cities including Miami, New York, Atlanta, Toronto, London, Frankfurt, and the rest of the Caribbean, Grenada offers a comfortable and warm stay to all its tourists. Whether it's a family vacation, solo expedition or a romantic holiday, the country has suitable options for everyone. Tourists can choose from options such as renting a villa and booking an all-inclusive luxury hotel, to more budget-friendly but equally memorable hotels, inns and cottages.

Currently, the south-west corner that comprises the St. Georges Parish is the main hub for tourism, services, and hotels, primarily because of its proximity to the airport and gorgeous beaches that have the most varied choice of restaurants and other amenities. However, lodging facilities are widespread across the island and range from camping in rainforest cottages at $40 per night to five-star, luxury resorts that run closer to $1500. Let’s take a look at the different options that are available in the country depending on the budget you have set aside for accommodation:

Budget between $5-$70

One of the best budget-friendly options is camping, however, this is not very popular in Grenada unless you are setting camp in Grand Etang National Park. Therefore, the next viable option is hiring simple cottages where the price range starts at $39 per night.

Another interesting option is to stay with a local Grenadian family. This would not only help you enrich your travel experience but also provide an opportunity to have a close and personal look at the Grenadian culture and lifestyle. If you are renting a room with a family, you would have your own room with a lock and key and be welcomed to join the family for activities.

Budget between $70-$200

If you can be a bit flexible with the accommodation budget, then the short-stay apartments on the Southwest side of the island near the SGU campus, as well as the IGA Real Value Mall, can offer a unique stay experience. These are one- and two-bedroom apartments and are easily accessible via Grenada’s shopping center and public transportation. Although the location of these apartments may not allow for the quintessential tropical views, with prices starting at $70 per night, they are undoubtedly good value for your money.


Budget ranging from $200 and above

For those planning a luxury trip to Grenada, there are plenty of high-end options such as Five Star Hotels and Resorts as well as private villas. These options comprise of modern rooms with the option of private plunge pools, state of the art technology features, live music and plush services such as spas and butler service.  You can also opt for wellness resorts which have spas, yoga classes, Tai chi, pilates and various services with influences of Eastern philosophies. Rates at these locations start at $385 per night.